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When Persistence Matters

As we celebrate Presidents Day I thought it would be appropriate to list some details of the life of the great Abraham Lincoln:

- Failed in business at age 21.

- Was defeated in a legislative race at age 22.

- Failed again in business at age 24.

- Overcame the death of his sweetheart at age 26.

- Had a nervous breakdown at age 27.

- Lost a congressional race at age 34.

- Lost a congressional race at age 36.

- Lost a senatorial race at age 45.

- Failed in an effort to become Vice President at age 47.

- Lost a senatorial race at age 47.

- Was elected PRESIDENT of the United States at age 52!

If there is one word to describe his life I think persistence is something that stands out. After all of his failures he accomplished something that he would be recognized as one of the greatest Presidents in the History of our Great Country.

Persistence is key to becoming a great athlete and even more important to living a life worth lived. I believe this starts in the gym at an early age. When you develop the habit of training it will carry out in every area of your life. At the Parisi Speed School of San Diego we encourage athletes that not only are they creating a good habit of physical fitness but fitness is creating good habits in their lives.

Happy Presidents Day!


Coach Joe

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