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Speed and Agility

Joe and all the Parisi staff are great!!  My son loves going to class and his speed/strength has improved tremendously!

Megan G.

My daughter decided out of the blue that she wanted to be a basketball player. We joined a club team and all of the more talented kids mentioned Parisi. We went to check it out and my daughter LOVED it instantly. 

The coaches are amazing. It is an incredibly supportive and positive atmosphere. Most importantly it works. And I don't mean it works a little bit. I mean it is incredible the change you can see in your child in a few months time. But it's not just she "looks faster to me". They keep track. They measure everything. You have quantifiable, verifiable, numerical results to look at and track. 

If your child does the work, the results will show very quickly, and the value provided by these guys is hard to overstate.

Jim D.

My Son (Brady 13 years old) has trained at Parisi to improve strength, speed and agility for basketball. The training program and coaches at Parisi are second to none and Brady enjoyed going there to train. The metrics driven assessments also give the ability to track progress and results. Special thanks to Joe and Alex for all their great training.

Wes H.

My son (11 now 12 years old) has been working out twice a week with Joe and his team since August.  Before coming to Parisi, his running technique was all over the place.  Now, his technique is smooth and focused, and his speed has increased a lot.  Also, his ability to move laterally, has gotten so much better.  My son loves to go and workout, and I attribute that to the noticeable performance improvements and the caring coaches at Parisi.  I would highly recommend Parisi to anyone.

Greg D.

Wow! Where do I begin? Parisi Speed School works. It's OUTSTANDING! I signed my son up during the summer of 2014 because we believe in the program. My son who plays basketball has seen an increase in strength and speed and has learned how to properly lift and run. There's so much that I want to say that I may have to edit this post throughout the week. Joseph Virga and his staff runs an outstanding program. Top notch, Grade A! Love those guys. If you have children that participate in sports, I  strongly  recommend that you enroll them into Parisi Speed School of San Diego.

Acceleration Training
chin ups

Darryl S.

Man where do I start? I am a college athlete looking to perform better not only in the collegiate level but I also have aspirations of playing professional soccer. I knew I had to get faster and stronger and after doing various internet searches I stumbled upon Parisi Speed School. I went out for my trial and loved it. Joe is an amazing coach, his attention to detail is why I enjoyed coming in and working out because I am a perfectionist myself. After about 2 months of working out I transferred schools and sadly could not train anymore at Parisi. What makes this place so different is that I still talk to Joe, he is a good role model, friend and mentor. If you are looking for a place to get better, this is the place!


Nathan M.

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