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Strength in Body & Mind


Here at the Parisi Speed School, it is our goal to improve the speed, total body strength, and flexibility, in all of the athletes we train, while building their mental toughness and boosting their confidence. Summer is a busy time of year so it is important to have time set aside to keep your fitness level up.  Between vacations, barbeques and other activities, it is easy to let your conditioning go by the wayside.  Don’t let the warm weather pass you by without enrolling in one of our programs.  ​


Our Youth Summer Training Program offers two months of unlimited training sessions. Sessions are offered 6 days a week with morning, midday, and evening sessions available. Our summer sessions begin Monday June 17th and run through Saturday August 17th. Improve your athletes running technique, increase their self-confidence, maximize their jumping ability, improve their speed, strength, and agility....all while having fun in a small group setting! Ages 7+

Reserve your spot today by clicking the link below. Contact us to learn more. 

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