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We WON 2023 Parisi Facility of the Year

At our Annual 2023 Parisi Speed School Summit in Boston this year, we were awarded the 2023 Facility of the year and it's a reflection of the deep care our Coaches show for our athletes and to learning more about Sports Performance.

A reflection of some of the highlights and milestones these last few years:

+ Weekly peer to peer coaching at our Team meeting.

+ Constancy in improving our systems, challenging status quo, and more importantly helping athletes build confidence as they improve their athleticism

+ Consistency in providing 12 week Re-Evaluation process for our athletes with tracking on our Cat Club Challenge and Combine Challenge boards.

+ 1st in San Diego to feature for our athletes and provide the only machine that enables testing and training in 3D

+ Added specialty tools like the to give our Team of Coaches an expanded toolkit and add another device that provides immediate metrics to help us fine-tune training plans

+ provided on-going educational opportunities for our Coaches and other Performance Coaches by being a host site for,,

+ created a 12 week internship program for graduating seniors interested in the field of sports performance. Currently in partnership with and

So proud of this Team!!! Their love and passion for working with athletes from as young as age 7, all the way to pros and showing dedication in constantly improving their craft is a testament to what it takes to Train To Win.


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