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Discovering the power of Low Pogos

Pogos, are a type of plyometric drill that offers a multitude of benefits for athletes. We perform a variety of pogo drills which we'll highlight in another blog post. This blog will feature the 1st type of pogo drill we coach called the Low Pogo.

1st, Why perform Low Pogos?

Our Top 5 Reasons:

  1. It's a great drill to teach athletes how to develop explosive power in the legs. It doesn't require a lot of technical capability and is a good introduction into tapping into the "springs' of the body.

  2. It helps the athlete to develop foot and ankle stiffness, this in turn strengthens the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the foot and ankle and reduces injury risks.

  3. Regular practice of low pogos enhances coordination and balance, a fundamental neuromuscular baseline as we build up to performing complex multi-directional movements and begin to apply force into the ground.

  4. Improves proprioception which in turn improves body awareness and the ability to respond to various physical demands.

  5. Low pogos require no equipment and minimal space, making them a convenient exercise that provides a big return.

When do we perform Low Pogos?

Pogos are typically incorporated in our Active Dynamic Warm-up (ADW). It prepares the body for the reasons above, enabling the athlete to slowly turn up the dial, as they prepare for more explosive movements.

Key tips on how to perform Low Pogos

  • Keep knees straight

  • bounce up and down like a pogo, staying on the front half of the foot as best as possible

  • emphasize keeping ankles dorsiflexed (toes-up)

  • Imagine: flicking shoelaces up as you bounce up and down

  • use hands like a jack-hammer

Watch video below as Bill Parisi goes over Low Pogos


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