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Couch Stretch: The Best Quad Stretch

Couch Stretch, aka, Quad Whisperer

Seriously though, this one is a favorite. Nothing wrong with the usual quad stretch you see most doing when standing, reaching back to grab an ankle and pulling it to your glutes.

The couch stretch, simply put, provides a better stretch.

It's called a couch stretch because of the practicality of using a couch as a prop to place your ankle on when performing the stretch.

The key to performing this stretch: after getting into the position as shown above by Coach Christian, tuck your hips under, ie squeeze your glute on the working side. In this case, the Left glute as shown above.

This keeps the pelvis in a neutral position, avoids hyperextending the lower back, shortens the range of motion in the hip, and deepens the stretch you feel in the quads.

Hold for 1-3 secs, release, squeeze glute again, and push hip forward without hyperextending lower back.

Another variation is to reach back with your hands and place it on the box, couch. Some feel more of a quad & hip flexor stretch this way, while also opening up the front side of the upper body.

Added Bonus - when placing your hands on the box, turn your palms away from the box - opposite of what Coach Christian is doing to also further open up the forearms.

Another bonus when doing the Couch stretch: After getting into position, rotate both arms into the direction of the foot that's in front for a 3D version of the stretch.

Varying arm positions - upward, reaching back to touch a chair... etc all provide much needed variety to an area of the body that gets frequently used.


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