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Coaching with Confidence

In December 2013 my good friend Adrian asked me to start training his then 7 year old son Austin. The goal was to improve his strength and speed for football. At first I was hesitant to train Austin because I didn't have experience training young athletes. For the past 6 years at that point I had only trained adults, thousands of them. As I took on the challenge of training Austin little did I know that I would discover something new about myself and about training. Just a few weeks in Adrian mentioned to me that he noticed something different about Austin. He told me that his confidence was improving and it was because of our training. It was in that moment that I realized that with proper training and good coaching confidence can be improved to another level. Confidence is defined as belief in oneself. With higher confidence levels I believe that someone can experience improvement in all areas of life. I have also experienced the opposite-when an athlete has a lack of confidence it affects everything they do. There is no greater joy for me as a coach as to when a parent tells me that their athlete is more confident. Coaches have the ability to add or take away from the confidence of an athlete. Which one will you choose?

Coach Joe

Parisi Speed School

Master Coach

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