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Getting better everyday.

Luwain Ng has been training with us for the past 2 years. She recently decided to take the next step in her training by adding the Method to her already packed fitness regimen. On top of training at CKO Kickboxing 1-2 days a week she does private strength training at our performance center, Parisi Speed School of San Diego. Her story is inspiring so I asked if she would be willing to share it. Here it is:

Why is it so important to you to keep up with your fitness?

"20 years ago I was 196 pounds. I keep a photo of me from back then close by to be a daily reminder to keep exercising! Over the years, my weight has fluctuated up and down +/- 20 pounds, but never to where it used to be. During my annual physical last year, I weighed in at 153 pounds. My doctor said my cholesterol and LDL levels was that of a 250 pound man and referred me to a cardiologist who would put me on medication to lower my cholesterol. After reading the side effects of statin drugs, I never went and chose to take a different path by overhauling my diet, and working out hard."

What is the biggest difference that you are experiencing while using the Method?

"There’s a method to working out hard, but now I workout smarter. My polar heart rate monitor is dialed in and I keep track of my prime and peak zones. When I’m at my peak, I rest. When I’m below my prime I need to physically give it my all until I reach my peak for a second time. If I calculate the minutes I’m actually working out hard, it’s far less than the resting period. Using The Method Difference I’m burning the same, if not more calories than I did in previous sessions working out for the full hour. As Deena Miller would say… “this is crazy, right?” I really learned A LOT from the Method and how to target my heart rate and what to look for. For hill sprints for 30 minutes I’m only physically running hard for 5 minutes and resting for the remaining 25. I burn more calories than running 3 miles on flat road for an hour."

What are you most excited about while training in your correct heart rate zones?

"The Method is an investment and preventative maintenance for my health. I am in the best shape of my life. I’m not just going through the motions for the sake of exercising. This science helped me create my own tailored workout to target my heart rate zone and not using a generic chart of what it should be. Here’s the best part… I’m torching more calories, burning more fat, getting leaner and gaining muscle, while losing the unwanted “fat” weight. I’m achieving this while working hard a fraction of the time while resting the majority of the time. It truly does work and I’m living proof of it."

If you are interested in knowing your Prime and PEAK Training Zones we offer the Method test daily. Here is a link to get started:

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