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Do your Homework - Back-Elevated Glute Bridges

With the demand on youth athletes to play sports year-round and compete, less time is given to developing athleticism.

The main challenge for competitive youth athletes is their schedule. As a result, we've created a variety of homework drills that athletes can perform at home or on the road.

We like emphasizing glute bridges as they're easily performed and can be done anywhere and has a lot of transfer to sports performance.

In a separate blog article we highlighted 4 simple #glute bridge variations. This blogpost will highlight an advanced progression of the Glute Bridge - the Back-Elevated Single-leg Glute Bridge.

Athletes can start with both feet on the ground, and progress to single-leg.

When to perform: Include as part of a strength training routine during the warm-up or as a part of a block. 2-3 sets x 10-20 reps each side


like most, if limited on time - use this as one of your go-to exercises to get a bigger return

  • Keep mid-back on edge of bed, or box as shown above.

  • Tuck chin into chest

  • Dig elbows into box as you elevate hips up

  • Pause at the top for 1-2 secs for higher muscle fiber recruitment

  • Be conscious of not hyperextending lower back.

Main benefits of this drill, especially when performed on 1 leg,

+ emphasizes flexibility and range of motion of the hip

+ increases awareness of any left v right discrepancies / imbalances. Perform an additional set on the weaker side.

+ further challenges balance and coordination

+ increases proprioception = body's ability to sense it's position in space = more muscles being recruited

+ enhances glute strength which is crucial for athletes.


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