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Building Speed Specific Strength: How the Ohm Run enhances speed-strength

When it comes to enhancing athletic performance, specifically in building explosive speed (Acceleration) and power, strength training tailored to speed enhancement is crucial.

Traditional strength training methods however, focus on increasing muscle mass and overall strength, which have its place, but for athletes looking to improve their acceleration and sprinting abilities, speed-specific strength training is essential. This type of training is designed to improve the neuromuscular system's ability to generate force quickly, a key element in sprinting and quick directional changes.

One of the speed-related tools that's quickly become a go-to is the Ohm Run. It's a sophisticated device designed to aid athletes in achieving optimal acceleration postures and mechanics.

The primary advantage of using the Ohm Run is its ability to simulate the body's position during the initial stages of a sprint. An added benefit is it's ability to track and report accurate user force and power output in real time.

Typically referred to as an iso-kinetic form of accommodating resistance, it allows athletes to maximize their efforts while resisting a constant load, either by setting a desired speed or load.

Sprinting is not just about strong legs; it requires a coordinated effort from the entire body. The Ohm Run encourages the athlete to engage their core, maintain balance, and coordinate their upper body with their lower body movements, resulting in a more efficient transfer of power during acceleration.

Additionally, we love the Ohm Run for its versatility. It can be used for a variety of sprint-related drills and exercises, making it a comprehensive tool for speed development. From resisted sprints, explosive starts, plyometric exercises, to performing exercises in all planes of motion.

See our athletes using the Ohm Run here.


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